Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Hasek's pay cut

Something we didn't know before (or didn't remember): according to EJ Hradek, Dominik Hasek agreed to a pay cut when he returned to the Wings. Instead of a base salary of $8 million with $1 million if the Wings were to win the Cup, he has a base salary of $6 million. The bonuses are $500,000 if the team makes the Conference Finals, another $500,000 if the team wins the conference title and $1 million if they win the Cup. That adds up to $8 million possible, which still saves the Wings $1 million, at least, if not $2 million. That frees up more money to put towards part of Joseph's contract, which is something they almost certainly will have to do in the event of a trade. In exchange for this pay cut, the Wings had to give Hasek a no-trade clause. I don't think Dom would agree to play anywhere else and that's what makes Joseph the odd man out.


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