Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Avs Lose Kariya, Wings Win

The Avs lost Paulie "I'll play for free" Kariya to a sprained wrist. He is out indefinitely, but it doesn't seem like a serious injury. At the very least, Selanne will not know what to do without his pal Paulie. Oh boo hoo... The Wings played well tonight versus the Blue Jackets. No defensive breakdowns. At times it was a boring game, caused by Columbus' trap and Denis' covering the puck at all costs. But the Wings had some pretty goals. Zetterberg made an amazing pass to Whitney for a two-on-one short-handed goal. Shannie had three assists, and made a great rising shot on Denis, on which Holmstrom tipped an electron on the puck to get the goal. Hullie redeemed himself with a goal. And Pavel Datsyuk made a nifty individual effort on his goal, undressing Denis and shooting to the far-side. The Wings looked really together tonight and played coherently, making great passes and actually deciding to score at even strength so us fans don't have to live and die with the man advantage!! Let's hope they can carry this type of effort into Friday night versus Dallas, which should be more of an open game than tonight, as the Stars actually have offensive skills and just don't wait for us to make mistakes (Jackets, we've got you all figured out!!!).


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