Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Boston's out, New York may be in

There is no longer the possibility of the Wings trading CuJo to Boston. The Bruins signed Felix Potvin to a one year deal today and now have the #1 goalie they've been looking for. I feel really bad for Ken Holland right now. On a slightly brighter note, New York Rangers goalie Mike Richter will be announcing his retirement tomorrow. I only call this "slightly brighter" because this may open a spot for Joseph in New York. May. Mike Dunham is still there and is a more than capable goalie. This probably means that Eric Lindros will be coming this way (ugh....) but maybe the Wings can get some draft picks instead. I'd rather have those than the Big E. It's sad to see Richter go, however. He's a great goalie and probably would play more if his knees weren't so messed up. His last win was in November 2002, when he was kneed in the head and received a concussion which he still hasn't been cleared from. A sad way to end a career.


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