Friday, August 22, 2003

Grigorenko may attend training camp

As I'm sure you all remember, Igor Grigorenko, probably the Wings' top prospect, was seriously hurt in a car accident on May 16 in Russia. He is reportedly recovering well in his home town of Togliatti but the Wings want to bring him to the States to check on his condition themselves. They have talked with his agent and gotten all the paperwork done in hopes of bringing him over for a couple weeks. Ken Holland said the visit would "not to be on the ice, but just to be here, to have our doctors look at him, to have him meet some of the guys and watch some exhibition games or scrimmages and see what the NHL is all about." Igor needs a travel visa before anything can happen though. More from Ken Holland: "He's at a time right now where he can train, though not really on skates. He's training, he's working out. My understanding is he's doing pretty well. But what does 'pretty well' mean? That's why I want to get him here." From what I've heard, Igor can walk but he has a limp. No surprise there.


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