Friday, August 08, 2003

Dom will not go to jail says that, according to reports out of the Czech Republic, the prosecutor in Hasek's assault case has halted the crimminal investigation. This means Dom faces a modest fine at worst instead of a possible 8 years in prison. He has already been fined the Czech equivalent of $70 US (whoa!) by the inline hockey league he was playing for when he beat another player unconscious a few months ago. He could have gotten up to 8 years had he been charged and found guilty of grievous bodily harm. Hasek said "I am glad that the whole affair is ending. Now I will be able to fully focus on day-to-day life and the forthcoming ice hockey season." This is great news because we don't have to worry about Dom being stolen from us by the Czech Republic any more. I'm glad this whole thing ended before the Wings traded CuJo. It would have been terrible if things had gone the other way and CuJo was already gone. It would have been bad enough with Joseph still on the team because I don't think he'll ever be able to play for the Wings again, not after this whole goalie situation.


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