Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Details and Corrections

Looks like I should have waited until more of the facts came out. I guess I should have known that any newspaper that employs Al Strachan can't be entirely reliable. The news about Curtis Joseph is not as bad as it seemed before. The surgery was to remove a bone chip in his ankle, which was not broken. He will apparently be out just six weeks, not four to five months as I previously reported. That puts his return at just before the start of the regular season, meaning he'll miss training camp. The Wings still think they can get a trade done because Joseph will be back so soon but it sure doesn't help them make a deal. Ken Holland said today "If somebody calls me today and offers what I think is fair for Curtis Joseph, and it's a situation that is good for Curtis Joseph, then I'd make the deal today. That hasn't happened yet. There has been a lot of interest in him, but there hasn't been enough there to get a deal done yet.'' Apparently, some of that interest has come from the New York Rangers and the Atlanta Thrashers (yeah right!). We already knew about the Bruins. Hopefully they'll stay interested. I really appreciate Joseph waiting until now to get this done. He obviously has had this for a while, why does he suddenly get it done now? Pretty convenient for him, I think.


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