Saturday, August 16, 2003

CuJo to Boston?

The amazingly rumor-reliable people at the Toronto Sun say the Wings and Bruins are "close" to a deal involving Curtis Joseph. They see Detroit getting former Wing Martin Lapointe in return, straight up. I hope not! They have to get somehing besides Lapointe, at least. Martin was a decent player in Detroit but is grossly overpaid now. He might play better back on the Wings but they need a center still if they trade Joseph for him. Some people are saying that the Wings will just sign Oates. But it looks like he might be retire and he wouldn't be the answer anyway. He's too old and he left the Wings for a reason back in the early 90's. I don't know exacly why but I've heard it's because he and The Captain don't get along too well. I would much rather see Brian Rolston or even Sergei Samsonov in return for Joseph though Lapointe could be a risk worth taking. Not by himself, however. Add another player to that deal, Bruins GM and we'll see.


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