Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Wings sign Ray Whitney

Sportsnet is reporting that the Wings have signed forward Ray Whitney for a bargain deal of 4 years, $13 million. He had 24 goals, 52 assists last season for Columbus. I am pretty happy about this deal, but part of me thinks that a guy like this could end up being a Wendel Clark (knock on wood he isn't!!). Clark had similar numbers for the Lightning when we picked him up and it turned out that he just couldn't adjust to less ice time and a diminished role. Ray's had success when he's the top dog, but I wonder if he can adapt to being a 3rd liner, which he will have to accept. I wouldn't expect those kind of points out of him next season, but I hope he will become a top contributer. I'm just wondering who his linemates will be...


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