Saturday, July 12, 2003

St. Patrick

Some potentially bad news: Rich Winter was wrong, Patrick Roy can come out of retirement. Because Roy retired of his own free will and not because his team forced him to, he is able to come back next season, if he decides to, with the Avs. If he had been forced to retire because no team signed him (Remember what happened to Larry Murphy?), he would have to wait until the season after next to return to the league. It's not very likely that Roy will come back, though, from what I've heard. I think he's a little more decisive than Dom is. It will be very good for us if St. Patrick does stay retired. UPDATE - 2:37 PM - I forgot to mention one little detail about this before. Patrick would need the written permission of the Avs to return, if he decided he wanted to do so. Now since the Avs will obviously not give him that, he'll stay retired. Wait. What am I saying? I think the Avs would take him back in a second.


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