Friday, July 18, 2003

Slow Free Agency

The Ducks got Prospal pretty cheap, considering he's a 80-point scorer. I almost wish the Wings would've got him, but the Cujo-trade product and Feds possibly returning nixes that, since the Wings have to leave money available. This is frustrating, but what we have to deal with. I doubt the Wings will do anymore signing outside of the team. The top priorities are now 1)Deal CuJo, 2) sign Fedorov, 3) sign Yzerman, 4) sign any remaining free agents. It looks like this summer is gonna be pretty slow when it comes to free agency, with a lot of teams dumping players before roster restrictions and the draft occur. Oh well, the next big news should have Feds back in the Winged-wheel and Cujo out the back door.


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