Tuesday, July 08, 2003

The Return

"I'm here to announce my return to hockey." - Dominik Hasek in today's teleconference
The Dominator is back. I listened to the teleconference today (got most of it on tape) and he confirmed what everyone has believed for weeks. He sounded excited and ready to play. He was very sure of his ability to come back and play well and he committed to playing the whole season next year. He admitted that there are no guarantees that he'll be sharp but there is a good chance that he will be. He knows he has to work hard to get back to where he was and with his record, I think he'll be fine. This is great news for the Wings, in my opinion, though not so great for Joseph. I really feel bad about that guy. He can thank Dom for doing this because the Wings would have kept him and used him. There are no guarantees about Joseph being the one traded but Dom made it pretty sure he only wants to play for the Wings and it seemed like he wouldn't consider any one else. The Wings just got better and they will be even tougher to score on now. Thanks Dom!


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