Friday, July 04, 2003

Pick up the phone, Mike!!!!!

I've been hearing that Illitch may make a personal appeal to Sergei in an effort to bring him back in light of the events of yesterday in Denver. I think that's what should be done because the Wings need Fedorov back now since there really isn't anyone easily availble now that Kariya and Selanne are taken. Hopefully Sergei will come to his senses and realize what Detroit has done for him over the years, see how this really is the best place for him, the place where he is most appreciated and come back. The Avs deals really should bring Sergei's price down. He can't expect to get the big bucks now. I can't see Sergei wanting to miss out on the glory of next year by going to a lesser team. It truly will be a huge battle in the West next year and I think it's safe to say the Cup will go to a Western team, almost definitely either Colorado or Detroit. Sergei would be getting a lot of ice time next year anyway, with Stevie slowed down and Igor most likely gone. I hope Sergei comes back. The alternatives aren't that good. A trade for the Big E or a three-way trade for Jagr. I wouldn't want either of those guys on the Wings, personally. Come back, Sergei! The Wings need you now!


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