Tuesday, July 01, 2003

The only other things to happen last night that involve the Wings besides the Hasek Problem were McCarty and Woolley signed, Bykov decided to go back to Russia for sure and the Wings most likely lost Sergei Fedorov. McCarty signed a four year contract estimated to be worth $8.8 million. That's less than he was looking for and less than he could have gotten on the open market but Mac says he's happy with it. I'm glad Mac signed because it really would have been a shame for him to go somewhere else. I wish he had agreed to terms a little sooner but I haven't lost too much faith in him. At least now the Wings still have the Grind Line. Woolley signed a two year contract but the terms are not known. He is probably making less than he did last year ($1.3 million). It's good that the Wings signed Woolley. He's a pretty steady defenseman and the Wings need him, especially with Bykov leaving. Bykov's agent said last night that Dmitri will return to Russia. The Wings couldn't match the offer he got from Ak Bars Kazan. I say, have fun in Russia, Bykov. I hope you enjoy the wonderfully high standard of living there. Don't cross the Russian mob, buddy, and you'll be okay. Apparently, Fedorov days with the Wings are over. His agent says the Wings are not interested in him and that talks have stalled. He said "They never really wanted to sign him. They have the money, I know they have the money." He should know that's not true. The Wings want to sign Sergei, they don't have the money, at least not like they used to. Some more from Sergei's agent: "We've tried very hard. We've had many, many discussions and meetings and exchanges of proposals. I think all along the Red Wings didn't make it a priority to sign Sergei. I truly believe that. Sergei was more than willing to be flexible and has been flexible in our most recent proposals to the Wings in order to make it work in Detroit." He thinks it is very unlikely that Sergei will sign with the Wings. I agree with him on that, Sergei has become too greedy to stay with the Wings, even if they do offer him the best chance at success. Ken Holland said "I guess I would say we didn't want to re-sign Sergei at his numbers. We made a $40-million offer for four years. Let's see what goes on. My sense is, based on what I'm hearing, the phone calls I'm receiving, the marketplace has changed. They did not want to acknowledge that. Let's see." Yes, let's see. Another point of interest, perhaps. The Ducks did not give Kariya a qualifying offer last night. That makes Kariya an unrestricted free agent and available to the league, unless he takes less from the Ducks.


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