Friday, July 18, 2003

NHL limits pads to 38 inches

The NHL has finally done something about the ridiculous goalie pads that we see in every NHL game. They have limited the height to 38 inches but kept the width requirement at 12 inches. They estimate that 1/3 of the goalies in the league will need to change their pads to fit the requirement and there will be a $25,000 fine that the clubs will have to pay if a goalie is caught in one of the regular measurings. 38 inches is still a lot of padding but at least they've done something to restrict them. It's gotten out of hand. Someone said during the playoffs (I think it was Don Cherry) that goalies used to wear pads for protection but they are now wearing pads to stop the puck. There is a difference. Hopefully goalies won't respond like their rights have been taken away because this really isn't that unreasonable.


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