Friday, July 25, 2003

Luc officially gone; Modano's Cup ring on E-bay

Unlucky Luc has signed a one-year contract with the LA Kings to make for his third stint there. Look for dozens of points from this once-been whose only boasting point is being the highest scoring left winger in NHL history. I tip my hat to Luc, as I also cheer in relief that he's gone--but that's not right, since he was also gone the two seasons we had him, oops. Of all things, when Modano had a copy made of his 1999 Stanley Cup ring, it showed up on e-bay after the jewler showed Mikey the fine print that allowed for him to sell it. The ring has been taken off the internet marketplace and now is safe with Modano. Apparently, some bids were as high as $20,000 dollars before the Dallas Stars and Modano became aware of the situation. I still say that Hull's "goal" was not abiding by the old crease rule, and Hasek should be given that Cup ring!!!! Maybe those high bids are coming from him!!!


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