Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Kronvall signs, Feds' agent says maybe, Canucks sign Cloutier

According to the Swedish newspaper Expressen, Niklas Kronvall, 22, has signed a two-year deal with the Wings for around $800,000 a year with a $500,000 signing bonus. He is 8th on the Wings' depth chart so as I've already said, he probably will not make the team. There is no report of a clause that would allow him to return to Sweden if he doesn't make it (like they gave Hudler), however, so we'll probably see him playing for the Griffins next year. Sergei's agent has changed his mind, apparently and has said that there still is a possibility that Sergei will return to the Wings next season. "You never say never" is what Pat Brisson told the Detroit News yesterday, after he did say never a couple weeks ago, if not in so many words. He claims he said what he said on July 2 because that was how Sergei felt then and that things are a little different now. He says they are narrowing the list of teams down and that a decision will be made relatively soon. Take one of the offers, Sergei, the Wings need you. The Vancouver Canucks have signed Dan Cloutier to a one year contract. Terms were not disclosed per team policy. I only mention this because Vancouver was a team CuJo possibly could have been traded to. Not very likely but possible. Not any more. I'm surprised the 'Nucks still have faith in Cloutier, after all he hasn't done for the team but maybe they know something I don't. Hopefully he'll get over his huge breakdowns when he gets that new helmet, like he should have years ago. He should talk to Ozzie about that. They are strangely similar. So good at times but so bad at others.


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