Saturday, July 26, 2003

Hasek Situation

Hold your horses Mr. Holland!!!! Trading CuJo might be a bad idea with news that criminal assault charges may be brought against Dom after an incident in an inline hockey game. He apparently cross-checked a player across the back and sat on him and repeatedly hit him with his stick. (Hasek played as a forward in the league) Even if Hasek wants to play and is ready, if these charges come through and he has to be in court, then we need to keep CuJo. I am really mad at Hasek. He muddies up our goalie situation by coming back as a big fat question mark, and we basically had no choice but to sign him else he could end up in Denver. Then he brings in his baggage the possibility of criminal charges. It really has to be hard to be Kenny Holland right now, because he wants a center but knows that trading CuJo could fulfill that hole. But then again this recent news brings question to even trading Curtis. And his inaction while waiting for things to clear up for Hasek may mean losing some trading possibilities or free agents. What a headache!!!


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