Wednesday, July 09, 2003


Some good news: CuJo will waive his no-trade clause and not put up a fight. Obviously, he has some conditions -- a trade will have to be to a contender and that the area will have to be approved by his family. He would like the trade to take place quickly and is very disapointed (understandably) with the whole situation. Some possible teams are New York Rangers, Boston, St. Louis and Colorado. I very highly doubt the Wings will do any deal with Colorado and I hope Joseph doesn't take a hard line on going there. It's unlikely the Avs would want to deal with the Wings either. I'd like to see Doug Weight in a Wings sweater but it's not very smart to trade a castaway goalie to a division rival, even if that rival cannot win in the playoffs to save their lives. I don't know who'd I'd like to see come the other way from the Eastern teams, of the players that are realistically available. I'd obviously like to see Thornton play here but the Bruins management knows they'll be hung from the downtown lamposts if they let him go. He's their Steve Yzerman (wears No. 19 too). I do not want Eric Lindros, though maybe he would be rejuvinated with the Wings and with the number of guys protecting him. Holland wants a deal done before training camp starts and all of our big hopes are probably going to be crushed because other teams know the Wings have to trade Joseph and they won't give much up for him. Just like when Ozzie needed to be traded. I'm sorry CuJo.


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