Wednesday, July 16, 2003

2003-2004 Wings schedule, Sergei's closer

The season starts on October 9th at the Joe with the LA Kings. They play the Stars at home on the 24th and have their first late start game on November 1 at Edmonton. Derian Hatcher will return to Dallas for the first time on Novemeber 12. The new Stanley Cup Champions will come to town on January 29 and that will be the only time they play them this year. They finally play the Avs on February 5 (why so far into the season?) at Colorado and play them again at home on the 14th. They also have a home-home series with the Avs on March 25-27 (awesome!). The season ends on April 3 when they play the Jackets (yay). For the full schedule, click here. Today was a little better in terms of getting Sergei back. is reporting that Sergei is more likely to come back to the Wings than ever. Today, a St. Louis newspaper gave his list of possibles as Anaheim, Detroit, the New York Rangers, and one unknown team. During the afternoon, the list got even smaller. Few teams are willing to give Sergei a pile of money and the contract length he wants. It's beginning to look like the Wings might be the only team willing to give him that. The Ducks especially are reported to be pulling out of negotiations, probably because they are concerned that Fedorov will use a Ducks offer as footing in talks with the Wings. I also heard today that the radio station 1270 in Detroit reported that the Wings are in actual negotiations with Sergei on the 4 year, $32 million deal. I bet we hear the official yea or nay very soon, hopefully this weekend.


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