Thursday, June 12, 2003

Wings Update Looks like Luc is going back to LA (thanks for the tip, Lisa). No contract has been decided on but Luc's agent is optimistic that a one year deal will be reached. Congrats, Luc. Good luck in LA. Mike Illitch has confirmed that Sergei Fedorov turned down both offers from the Wings. Illitch said "I personally offered Sergei 50 a while back; he didn't blink. I offered him 40. He says he wants to stay, but now (general manager) Ken Holland and his agent are going back and forth." Wonderful. Maybe Feds is planning on joining Luc in LA. He also said he is willing to compromise on a contract for MacCarty though he doesn't want to "break the bank." His comments on Yzerman are a little less encouraging. That whole situtation scares me. I never would have expected this. That same article says the Wings would be interested in Derian Hatcher, if he becomes a free agent and Sergei leaves. Even if that doesn't work out, the Wings have several contingency plans, apparently. We'll be finding out all about them in the next few weeks/months. See also this article for more of the same. UPDATE: I have been asked by a friend to spread the word on another Red Wings site. This site is a message board anyone can join to talk about the Wings and other NHL matters. Go join and give the board a mature group of members.


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