Monday, June 09, 2003

Wings Update I don't know if any of you have heard the rumor that Bowman was going to go coach the Rangers (John Davidson brought it up on Satellite Hot Stove during the second intermission of Game 6 on CBC). The DetNews reports today that the rumor is not true and has some quotes from Scotty to back their story up. This is good news, though not a surprise to me. I think Bowman is smart enough to know that getting involved in the Rangers organization in any capacity would automatically put him under the Ruined Career Curse that has ensnared everyone that works at Madison Square Gardens. Good decision, Mr. Bowman. There is a discouraging piece in the Detroit News today about McCarty. Basically, there's a real good chance that Mac will test free agency. There's nothing to be too worried about yet, Darren has strong ties to the Detroit area and likes playing for the Wings. However, the Wings are only offering him $2 million a year for 3 years and he could get $2.5 million on the open market. Pretty tempting. I hope Darren makes the right decision and doesn't turn in to a Martin Lapointe. It'd be a shame to not raise the Cup next season, Mac, just because you wanted more money. That's what the old #20 did and he was watching The Captain hoist the Cup on TV, instead of from behind him, with the other Wings players. Terry Foster thinks Sergei Fedorov should immediately sign with the Wings if they really are offering him 4 years, $40 million. I totally agree, Mr. Foster, even if I don't share your faith about player salaries going down, at least not yet. Another good idea from Mr. Foster: Yes, Steve Yzerman has done a lot for the Red Wings and the community. But here is the reality. He is not the player he once was and economic conditions are tough at Joe Louis Arena. A $5 million a year contract is about right. The Wings should also hook him up with part ownership and a front office gig when he retires. I fully agree with that also. They owe The Captain at least that much. Here's something I don't agree with: Mr. Foster thinks Hasek will return to the NHL. I personally think Hasek is done. Also, Mr. Foster says Hasek will come back and play for the Avs. Uh, I think not. The Wings will not allow Dom to go to the Avs. The information that I have is his rights are still Red Wings property and the Avs would have to go through Detroit to optain the Dominator. Unless there is someone named Peter involved in the deal, I can't see it happening. And since the that guy named Peter is the Avs' Untouchable, I really can't see it happening. Mr. Foster says no one in Detroit will be watching Game 7 tonight, that this is "Red Wings" Town, not Hockeytown. Sorry, Mr. Foster, I can tell you that I will be watching the game and I know quite a few other people that will be too. Tonight's Game Anaheim @ New Jersey, 8 ET, series tied 3-3 This is it. The Cup will be won tonight no matter what. Well, unless it goes in to multiple OTs, then it will be won tomorrow morning. Anyway, my pick is the Ducks, as it's been all along in this series. Last time they came off a win like that of Game 6 with a really bad loss (see Game 4 and Game 5). Hopefully they won't do that tonight because they don't have any more chances. I expect a huge game out of Paul Kariya, who finally has a chance to win the Cup with the team that drafted him. He'll need to watch out for Scott Stevens, though. If everything goes well, we'll finally see Kariya hoist the Cup. Then after a few months, we can forget the Cinderella Story and go back to the usual teams winning championships. Rucchin will most likely be clutch tonight too, as he's been most of the playoffs. Obviously, they are going to need JS to play amazingly well tonight if they want to have any chance of winning. I just don't want the Devils to win. I really can't stand them and all that they stand for (the trap, ending careers, the trap......yes I meant to say "the trap" twice). I'm also not the biggest Scott Stevens fan ever. The chances don't look too good for the Ducks. The only team to win a Stanley Cup Final Game 7 on the road was the '71 Habs. The Ducks are not the '71 Habs, not even close. Plus, with the Devils' home record for these playoffs, it will be especially hard for the Ducks to gain victory in New Jersey. However, the Devils have choked before in Game 7s. See Game 7 of the 2001 Finals, when New Jersey lost the Cup to the Avs (plus that traitor Ray Bourque). I think JS has won the Conn Smythe. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't they already vote for it? I was told the voting takes place the day before a possible deciding game. Anyway, I don't see how they could not give JS the Conn Smythe. He's obviously been the best player of the playoffs and even if the Ducks get blown out tonight, I'd still be shocked if they give it to anyone else. If they do, there's something wrong with the league today (well, we know there are quite a few things wrong with the league, but specifically with the Conn Smythe voting).


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