Thursday, June 05, 2003

Wings Update Good news for Wings fans: Hasek will not be returning. This isn't that unexpected, in my opinion since Dom seemed pretty final when he went in to retirement, after a million or so people begged him to stay. He's no Michael Jordan/Mario Lemieux and I'm not surprised he isn't coming back. He's gone back on his word about retirement before but I'm pretty confident he's for sure this time. The main reason I say this is good news is one of the rumors was Hasek would be going to Colorado if he were to come back. If that were to happen, I would personally hire an assassin to have Dominik taken out! Just kidding. Really, Hasek on the Avs would be terrible for the Wings, even if they got a huge benefit from the deal the Avs would have to make just to acquire Dom from Detroit (we still have rights to him). I doubt that Holland would be stupid enough to let the Avs have him anyway but there is always the possibility, especially if a guy with the initials PF and the nickname Foppa is involved. Yeah right. In other Hasek news, he has been suspended for one year from the Czech inline hockey league he played in before he knocked that guy out. He still denies he did anything wrong. "I am still convincedthat everything just came out of the game (what, do you mean the spine contusion, concussion and broken nose?), that I was fouled by him first. He denies this but I don't agree that I did anything brutal." What is "brutal," then? This is yesterdays news but here it is anyway: Igor Grigorenko is out of intensive care. His agent says he is doing much better and that he is talking more now and eating on his own. He is still too weak to travel, however, so the Wings will have to wait on bringing him to Detroit as they want to do. Get well soon, Igor2! For some reason the newspapers are bringing up again that Yzerman is a finalist for the Masterton Trophy which is awarded each year to the player who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to hockey. I think Yzerman certainly fits that description. The other finalists are Boston defenseman Bryan Berard and Anaheim center Steve Rucchin. I'd say Berard deserves this award too, maybe even more than The Captain but I selfishly want Stevie Y to win it. They announced Yzerman as a finalist about a month ago but I haven't forgotten because it's been one of the few things I have to look forward to in regard to the Wings. The newspapers seem to think we can't remember stuff like that..... The NHL award show is on June 12. The same article that talks about Yzerman has a little blurb on the contract talks. Basically, nothing has happened. Yay, Mr. Holland. There also is another little blurb on the Wings. That one is about Zetterberg being voted Wings' Rookie of the Year by members of the Detroit Sports Broadcasters Association. A "no duh" in my opinion. Bykov was good but not in the same way Zata was good. Tonight's Game Anaheim @ New Jersey, 8 ET, series tied 2-2 Again, I want the Ducks to win this game. I think they can and will, after their performance on Monday. That was a must-win game for both teams and the Ducks came through while the Devils barely held on many times. It's very tough to beat the Devils in their own rink but I think the Ducks can because they have the momentum now and they have JS. They were also the best road team in these playoffs before the Finals. Hopefully, a few more of those off-the-post shots will go in this time and make this game a little more decisive than Game 4. Go Ducks!


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