Friday, June 06, 2003

Wings Update The Free Press has a story on Yzerman's contract and how it isn't as definite as we all thought. Basically, the Wings are a little concerned about his knee (as they should be) and most likely will not be willing to pay him $8 million again. Hopefully Yzerman will not take the greedy road in this situation and come back for less. I hope I'm not just being naive but I trust Yzerman to come back and not go to another team. Apparently, after seeing how the Oilers/Canadians outdoor game will indeed happen, the Wings are considering doing something like that themselves. It is something that is far in to the future, meaning not next season or the one after that, and would most likely take place in Comerica Park. It probably wouldn't be held at Michigan Stadium, Spartan Stadium or Ford Field because Illitch doesn't own those venues as he does the Park. Interesting idea. Playoff Update What a weird, weird game. The Devils defeated the Ducks 6-3 in a totally out of character game. The Ducks played bad defense and JS didn't look as strong. The Devils improved their home playoff record to 11-1 and have tied the Oiler's 1988 record for most home wins in a playoff year. The Ducks scored almost immediately and I thought they would dominate the rest of the game. I was wrong. I don't know what happened but the Ducks fell apart and though they scored two more times, they weren't very steady. There was one Devils' goal called back and another I think should have been. The Ducks scored on themselves twice and JS didn't have much of a chance on any of the goals, though he still looked a little shaky. So now the Devils are leading the series 3-2 and I would guess that the Ducks are done. They would have to win Game 7 in New Jersey and with the Devils' home record, I doubt that will happen. Game 6 is tomorrow @ 8 ET in Anaheim. Go Ducks!!!


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