Thursday, June 26, 2003

-- Well, it looks like WYXT-AM (1270) was wrong. The Wings said yesterday that no deal has been done yet. They haven't picked up their option on Hasek yet and Holland said "Very little has changed since yesterday. Nothing is done. Nothing is settled. I'm working on it." Hopefully Holland isn't just lying because I seriously doubt CuJo will ever want to play here again, after hearing what the deal was supposedly for. If Holland is lying, he'd better hope the deal doesn't fall through because the Wings will be screwed. See the Detroit News for more of the same. The Wings are serious enough to send Lewis to Austria to meet with Dom last week for a half a day (as I already said). Lewis said "Mutually we felt it was a good idea to meet. I saw Dominik. He looks good. He's typical Dominik. He looks the same as he did when I saw him the first time. No, he did look a little different. He had a tan." While the Wings won't say anything on the chances that Dom will play for them next year, Scotty Bowman will. He says "There's a lot to be worked out, but I would say it's a pretty good guess. I don't think Hasek is interested in returning to play in another city. He'll want a guarantee he'll return with Detroit." He also said the Wings obviously will not allow Hasek to hit the open market. The Free Press has an obviously biased towards Hasek piece that compares Dom and CuJo. -- Apparently, the Wings are pretty close to signing prospect Jiri Hudler. He's 19 years old, was taken in last year's draft and was considered a steal by most experts. From what I've heard, he isn't ready for the NHL, not having heard about the "balanced game" yet. He would either play for the Wings or for his Czech team but if he didn't make the Wings and his Czech team didn't take him back, he would play for the Griffins in Grand Rapids. Hopefully, if he does make the Wings, he'll have the same impact Grigorenko was expected to have. -- Some mixed news for the Wings and their fans: Peter Forsberg will return to the Avs for another year, at least. This is good news because that most likely means Colorado will not sign Sergei but it's bad news because that means Foppa will still be able to make it that much harder for the Wings to beat the Avs. Overall, I guess it's a good thing because it means one of the best players in the league isn't leaving in his prime. UPDATE - 4:54 PM - The Wings and Pavel Datsyuk have agreed to terms. One year with an option for a second. I'm surprised it's only for one definite year. I would have expected the Wings to lock up Pavel for longer than that. They're just making it harder for themselves, what happens if Pavel gets even better and demands more after the two years?


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