Saturday, June 14, 2003

This is how I replied to G.B.: > Since I personally don't think the Red Wings can > replace Fedorov and > since I don't think they can really compete for the > Stanley Cup without > him, I don't see where Iliitch has much choice in > this if all his rhetoric > is true. The Wings for sure can't replace him with any of the available players. The only guy out there that would be capable of replacing him is Peter Forsberg and even the most delusional fan knows he is definitely not available. Zetterberg has the potential but isn't ready for the responsibility yet. The Wings have two options: appease Sergei and sign him without "breaking the bank" or let him go and give up any chance on the Cup for next season at the very least. > Further more despite the fact the many > wanted more from Fedorov > than has been shown, I still think that Fedorov has > been one of the best > Red Wing players over a very long period of time. I can think of only one who's been better for the Wings, Nick Lidstrom. > He > may not put up Art > Ross winning numbers but Fedorov is so much more > than offensive talent. > He's the Wings best skater, Imagine what the Wings would be like if they had no one to skate the puck into the zone. Datsyuk and Zetterberg are not ready to receive that torch yet. >almost always draws the > tougher defensive > assignments along with the Grind line, What happens if Sergei AND Mac leave? Two major defensive components gone and nothing in return. >has > consistantly put up some good > points numbers and has generally been an outstanding > performer in the > playoffs. I'd guess that if Sergei hadn't hit that slump, we might have seen Sergei at the NHL Awards as the Selke winner or maybe even the Hart. We're lucky he didn't have a year like that and that he had a poor playoffs. Otherwise the Wings really wouldn't be able to afford him. I think that of the bad free agent market this year offers, I'd only like to see Todd Marchant and/or Derian Hatcher come to the team. I doubt either one will but they would bring toughness to a team that needs it. The thing is, if Hatcher ends up signing with the Wings, our worst fears will have come true, Sergei Fedorov playing for LA or some other city. What worries me more is the Yzerman contract situation. That just scares me, though I'm sure it will all work out.


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