Thursday, June 19, 2003

Things really are not looking good with regards to Sergei Fedorov. Mlive has a story today that says the talks between Fedorov and the Wings have been postponed and the four year, $40 million deal has been taken off the table. Holland said yesterday "We're so far apart there's nothing to talk about. We made an offer that we feel, in this marketplace, is an extraordinary offer. It hasn't generated 10 seconds of conversation. There's no use negotiating against ourselves." This basically means Sergei will not be a Red Wings next year. Once he goes on the open market, some team like New York will offer him the huge amount he's looking for plus the years he wants and he'll end up giving up the Cup for the money. I'm very disapointed in Fedorov. It makes me sick to think he's become that greedy. The Free Press' Michael Rosenberg has a column today on the Sergei situation. He basically says the Wings should let him go, citing the upcoming new CBA that will restrict team spending. He says Sergei is worth $10 million a year -- today, not in a couple years when he's 36+. I agree with that, in 5 years, he'll be 38. Does anyone honestly believe he'll be as dominate then as he is now? I don't and I think a 5 year contract is a little much, though it would be nice to not have to go through this again in 2 years or something. Rosenberg thinks signing Fedorov would hurt the Wings' Stanley Cup run. I don't exactly follow his logic or agree with him 100% but he does have a small point. If Fedorov does get signed, that would eliminate any money that could be given to a guy like Hatcher. Rosenberg does say the Wings shouldn't offer a penny more and I agree with him there completely. 12 days from now, Sergei can begin negotiating with other teams. I believe that, unless there is some miracle and Holland does pull it off, he will be gone. I'm starting to think it might (might!) be time for Holland to go too. It's pretty pre-mature but it doesn't seem like he's getting anything done this summer. The Wings are not selling themselves as well as they have. They shouldn't have to sell themselves. They are the Detroit Red Wings! I don't know what's going on in players' minds these days. UPDATE - 4:32 PM - The Detroit News has a little more on the Fedorov situation, saying the Wings will not increase their offer at all. Ken Holland: "Things have changed dramatically. We didn't win a playoff game. We all have to take the blame for that, the front office, the coaching staff, the players.....We're not going to cut payroll, but we're not going to increase it." Sergei's agent says Detroit is still where Fedorov prefers to play. Doesn't sound like it to me, Mr. Brisson. UPDATE - 4:38 PM - The Wings rejected a proposal that McCarty's agent submitted last week. The Wings orginially offered $2 million a year but are believed to have raised their offer to around $2.3 million. McCarty's side is believed to be asking for $2.7 to $3 million.


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