Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Some more details on the Hasek situation. The Wings apparently told other teams during the draft that Joseph would be available. That's according to other teams' officials, the Wings have made no comment to that effect. Also, Dave Lewis is known to have met with Dominik in Austria after the Wings lost to Anaheim. These are just some indications that the Wings could be leaning towards Hasek instead of Joseph. Ted Kulfan has a good overview of the situation in the Detroit News. Something I didn't know: Hasek has a no-trade clause too. The Freep says the Wings don't know how open Dom is to playing for other teams and that there is almost no chance that the Wings will let him become a free agent. If Hasek does return, the Wings would have to exercise their option no later than Monday to keep him or else he'll become a free agent. Rob Parker of the Detroit News says the Wings should take Hasek over Joseph, hands down. I'm beginning to agree with him. Having a goalie that's already won a Cup in net for the Wings' last real chance at the Cup would be great. CuJo played very well but couldn't win games for the Wings when they needed him to. Keeping Hasek all hinges on Joseph waiving his no-trade clause, which is possible. I'm sure he wouldn't want to stick around in Detroit to back up Dominik so he hopefully would allow himself to be traded to New York or some other team out East. I'm starting to like hearing about Hasek's return a little more but I think it would be better overall if he didn't come back.The Detroit Free Press asks some good questions about Hasek's possible return. It does raise some concerns.


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