Monday, June 16, 2003

So the Devils had their celebration in the parking lot on Saturday. Thousands of people showed up. Wow. I thought 1.5 million people in downtown Detroit was a lot.... but thousands of people in a parking lot? Amazing! Wait a second... What really ticks me off is the Devils have won the Cup 3 times in 7 years and yet they still have trouble filling the arena for any game at all. They had three sell-outs last season. Three. The Wings have sold-out for how many years? Do you have any idea how hard it is to get tickets for the Wings? They practically have to pay those people to go to a Devils game. It's not just because they're one of the most boring teams ever, it's because people there do not care. Those fans don't deserve the Stanley Cup! If they can't even build up enough interest in such a consistenly successful team like New Jersey......sorry, it just makes me mad that all 5 Devils fans get to celebrate winning the Cup while the millions of Red Wings, Avalanche, Maple Leafs, Canucks, Stars and all the other teams that actually have a sizeble fan base get to sit at home and dream about next season. All because the Devils play the trap. I'd love to see them forced to play one game of Red Wings/Avs-style hockey. I agree completely with Terry Foster of the of the Detroit News. Today he said "If I were hockey czar, the only teams that could win the Stanley Cup would be Canadian teams, Original Six teams and Colorado. People in those cities appear to be the only ones who truly care. New Jersey has won as many Cups (three) the past decade as the Wings, but the passion for hockey remains feeble. Can you imagine most games at Joe Louis Arena not being sold out? The Wings would have to slide a long time for that to happen." The players on the Devils may deserve to win the Cup but their fans sure don't deserve for them to win it. I know it's tough to develope a fan base when you have the Rangers and Islanders a few miles away but come on! "Thousands" of fans?!


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