Saturday, June 14, 2003

Since there is nothing new going on today and since I have nothing really to say, I have a "guest poster" for today's entry. He doesn't know he's a guest poster but he gave me permission to post his comments before so I think that still stands. This is from an e-mail list I think all Wings fans should join. Mr I. knows how to feed the fan base what they want to hear. Problem I have is this, if the reports are true and it was Illitch himself that made the original 5yr-50mil offer to Sergei after a practice, and supposedly even before Sergei's agents knew, what's the hold up now with the contract?? Sergei supposedly fired his agents after this because he was upset that they hadn't a clue about the offer. Sergei's new agent says that Sergei never declined the Illitch offer but simply wanted time for those pesky personal issues. The stories are that Mike wants Sergei and Sergei wants Detroit. Since Illitch claims "he's ready to spend" despite the first round embarrassment, what's holding Illitch back from going back to the original offer as a starting point to get this resolved?? Nothing has changed with the CBA situation between then and now. Since I personally don't think the Red Wings can replace Fedorov and since I don't think they can really compete for the Stanley Cup without him, I don't see where Iliitch has much choice in this if all his rhetoric is true. Further more despite the fact [that] many wanted more from Fedorov than has been shown, I still think that Fedorov has been one of the best Red Wing players over a very long period of time. He may not put up Art Ross winning numbers but Fedorov is so much more than offensive talent. He's the Wings best skater, almost always draws the tougher defensive assignments along with the Grind line, has consistantly put up some good points numbers and has generally been an outstanding performer in the playoffs. I think Mr I. needs to put the 5yr offer back on the table again and quit just talking! G.B. I agree completely, G.B.


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