Friday, June 20, 2003

Sergei Fedorov now considers himself to be "an unemployed hockey player with no contract." He is disappointed and angry about the contract stalemate and is preparing to play for another team. I don't know what he's disappointed about, 4 years, $40 million is plenty of money. He still says he doesn't want to leave Detroit but he sure isn't doing much to stay here. He says it's too bad that he and possibly others on the team will leave this summer because the team "has been like a family." Way to break it up, Feds. Enjoy the last contract of your career, buddy. Stuck on a non-competitor with all that money but no Cups. His agent says "It's disappointing that Sergei is being portrayed as a greedy athlete by some, when that's not true at all." How can it not be true? This whole episode proves it without a shadow of a doubt, at least in my mind. The Wings won't wait for Sergei or McCarty, according to the Free Press, so don't expect either of them back next year. There will be new Wings on the roster next year, either by trade or by free agent signings. The Detroit News says the Wings will use the money they had been planning on giving to Sergei to pursue Derian Hatcher, unless by some miracle, Sergei returns to Detroit. They also will go after either Vaclav Prospal (Tampa Bay) or Todd Marchant (Edmonton), who are both free agent centers. I would rather see Marchant, personally but I don't know much about Prospal. Neither one will come close to replacing Sergei but maybe they'll have better attitudes about playing for the Wings. Hopefully the Wings won't have to give up too much in a trade, if they have to go that route. For a pretty good breakdown of the Wings' overall off-season situation, click here. The NHL Draft is this weekend and though the Wings don't have a pick until #64 (the last pick of the second round), chances are good that they'll get some decent talent. The man who oversees the Wings' draft, assistant general manager Jim Nill, said "This is one of the best, deepest pools of talent coming into the league I've seen. We feel good about our chances of getting a player who can eventually help us." In addition to the 64th pick, the Wings have the 132nd, 164th, 170th, 194th, 226th, 258th and 289th picks. They gave away their 1st round pick when they acquired Schneider at the trade deadline. Judging by Schneider's less-than-great performance in the playoffs, that might not have been a good thing, even though no one really had a great playoffs and first round picks aren't where the Wings have gotten their depth. The No. 1 pick is expected to be Eric Staal, a center for the Peterborough Petes of the OHL, the same team Yzerman played for. UPDATE - 3:54 PM - The Detroit News says there is likely going to be a lot of trading going on during the draft this weekend. A lot of teams are looking to dump highly paid players and will do so by offering those players for draft picks. The Wings have been getting calls offering deals and are interested but aren't that likely to do much on the trade market because they aren't willing to give up the youth they need so badly. There are players that would help the Wings a lot but would still cost them money and that is another reason trades aren't that likely. UPDATE - 5:17 PM - Everyone's favorite hockey player, Sergei Fedorov has gotten into a car accident. He hit a tree on the way home earlier today. He was not hurt, fortunately. I hope he wasn't driving his $450,000+ Ferrari Enzo that time. That would really, really be awful for Sergei. Maybe this will be enough to humble him into taking the Wings' offer. UPDATE - 5:33 PM - Looks like it was his Enzo that Sergei crashed. Unless he has another Ferrari, which isn't impossible. Either way, he must be in a lot of mental pain right now. Ouch. Who is Vladimire Mirkovich???


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