Sunday, June 08, 2003

Playoff Update Wow. What a game. I wouldn't call this game a repeat of the sloppy, high scoring ugliness of Game 5 but it wasn't boring and slow like the other games. Game 6 was exciting and fast paced. The Ducks came out strong and kept it up for the rest of the game. Rucchin had a great game and Kariya showed what a captain is. He was absolutely decked by Scott Stevens in one of the biggest hits I've ever seen. It wasn't the dirtiest hit I've ever seen but it wasn't that clean either and was completely unnecessary. Paul was most likely unconscious for at least a few seconds and had to be helped off the ice. I don't think anyone expected him back. But within a few minutes, he was back on the ice and had a great chance on his first shift. A couple minutes later, he scored a goal on one of the prettier shots I remember seeing. Right in the top right corner, over Brodeur's glove. Great shot. My level of respect for Paul Kariya shot up after the game last night. Hopefully he's okay because the Ducks are going to need him in Game 7 at New Jersey on Monday. Go Ducks!!!


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