Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Playoff Update (final) What a disapointment. I don't feel so much mad as let down. The Ducks looked terrible last night, like they were burned out or didn't care about winning. I don't know how they can be burned out, since they've had more rest than any other team in years but I can't see how they didn't want to win either. It was sad seeing the Devils dominate them so much last night. 3-0? How is it that Anaheim couldn't even score one goal? The only good thing that happened last night was JS got the Conn Smythe. Too bad the Devils fans don't have enough class to cheer or at least not boo. That was pretty low, people. Really low. Congrats, New Jersey. You get to wear those ugly hats now. Yay. Enjoy it while you can. The West will return in force next year. Bowman will not be coming back. That was made very clear during After Forty on CBC last night. Hasek won't be either, according to Scotty. Pretty typical. The first year I go public with my opinions on hockey is the year nothing goes the way I wanted it to go. First the Wings, then the Blues, then the Canucks, then the Wild and Senators, then the Ducks. Now that the Ducks lost, the only way I can justify the Wings' early exit is by saying they ran in to a hot goalie, the best player of the playoffs, JS Giguere. I still believe that if Luc Robitaille had scored in Game 1 that time that he hit the post, the Wings would have won that series and had a clear path to the Cup. The only real obstacle would have been Dallas but the Wings could have handled them, I think. Anyway, all we have to look forward to now is the NHL Awards on Thursday and free agency. Beyond that, a new season and another chance at Lord Stanley's Cup.


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