Tuesday, June 24, 2003

-- Once again rumors of Hasek's return are starting up. Supposedly, he and the Wings have been talking along those lines but no definite decision has been made. This puts the Wings in a tough spot because Joseph has a no-trade clause and they can't just trade away Dom to anybody in the league. Not many teams can afford Dominik and his price in a trade would be too high for most also. I say, stay retired, Dom. I'd like to see you back but only in a Wings sweater and since that isn't very likely (I doubt Curtis will waive his no-trade clause), I think you should just stay in the Czech Republic. Why Dominik couldn't just come back after we won the Cup, when millions of fans and his whole team begged him to, I'll never know. It's pretty hard to forgive you for that, Dom. The other choice the Wings have is to let Dom return to the league but not exercise the option they hold on his contract. Then Hasek would become an unrestricted free agent and free to go to Colorado and the Wings would get nothing in return. Wouldn't that be great? I just hope the Wings don't end up trading Hasek to the same team Sergei signs with. Meeting those two in the playoffs wouldn't be very fun at all. Stay retired Dom! A little more on Joseph's no-trade clause. Word out of New York is he would be willing to do allow himself to be traded to the Rangers. That rumor is from the New York Post and Larry Brooks so it probably doesn't have much truth to it. Cujo would be a moron and I'd lose all respect for him if he let himself go to the Rangers. He wants to win a Cup, doesn't he? The NYP story says they've been "...told that should Hasek return, it would only be to play in Detroit..." Yeah, right. The Wings can't let that happen. It'd be too much of a mess. Think Hasek-Osgood only on a much bigger scale. -- UPDATE - 6:36 PM - The Stars will not offer Derian Hatcher a new contract before July 1. This is much like the situation two years ago with Dallas and Brett Hull, though Hatcher would cost the Stars more than Brett would have. Hopefully the Wings can steal another Stars player away from a team that doesn't want him, just as they did with Hull. The Wings can only really afford Hatcher if Sergei leaves but maybe Derian will take a pay cut to come home to Detroit. We'll see what happens but I wish the Wings could get a hold of that guy. They need some toughness and he would definitely bring it. -- UPDATE - 10:25 PM - Although the Wings would not comment on the rumor before, Ken Holland confirmed today that the Wings have heard from Dom regarding a possible return to the NHL. Says Mr. Holland: "If Dominik comes back it probably will be a sticky situation." Probably? I think it would definitely be a sticky situation, Mr. Holland.


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