Monday, June 16, 2003

The NHLFA has released their player awards for this year. Three awards are handed out, Most Valuable Player, Best Bang for the Buck, and Best Role Model. JS Giguere won the MVP, Marty Turco won the Bang for the Buck and Steve Yzerman won the Best Role Model. The Captain has won the award three times in the four years since it was established. Members of the NHLFA (like me) voted a few weeks ago and could name any player in the league. I'd argue the MVP and Bang for the Buck. JS definitely wasn't the MVP and I can think of a couple more players that have more bang for the buck. Like Sergei Fedorov, until next season. His skills for $2 million a season like he's been getting since all those bonuses..... Yzerman defintely deserves to be called the best role model. There may be better guys out there in the league but I don't know of them. Congratulations, guys! Everyone, go join the NHLFA. Have your voice heard!


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