Friday, June 13, 2003

NHL Awards Did anyone else feel robbed when the new Blues goon, Barret Jackman, won the Calder over Zetterberg? I did. I couldn't believe it when it happened. How can they give the Calder to a guy with 192 PIM? What kind of precedent does that set? Penalty minutes aside, Barret Jackman will probably be a fine player but I still think Henrik should have won the award. I would have been far happier if Nash had won instead of Barret. Maybe it's a better thing that Zata didn't win it, now he'll want the bigger version of the Calder even more, the Hart. At least everything else went the Wings' way last night. Except that stupid Lady Byng. Why they nominate a defenseman but never give it to him, especially after having done so 5 years in a row, I'll never know. It's pointless. Yzerman won the Masterton, gave a good little speech but you could tell he was a little nervous. Shanny won the trohpy for community service, the Clancy award. Best of all, Nick won the Norris, for the third year in a row. Now he's at least a little like Bobby Orr. He also was named to the first team all stars. Congratulations Nick, Stevie and Shanny. Peter Forsberg won the Hart, Martin Brodeur won the Vezina, Mogilny won the Lady Byng, Jere Lehtinen won the Selke and Markus Naslund won the Pearson (the players' MVP). Wings Update Some more light is being shed on the contract situations for the big three free agents. Apparently, Sergei Fedorov wants a 5th year on any contract with a 6th year as some kind of option. He really didn't turn down the 5 year, $50 million offer but he asked the Wings to wait on it so he could resolve some personal issues. I guess he's turned down the latest offer because it doesn't have that 5th year. His agent says "Sergei's not being greedy and asking for more. He asked them to be patient while he went through some personal issues, then things changed. At first, he was disappointed. Now he's past that, but July 1 is coming." That is a little more encouraging to me. Having Sergei for a definite 5 more years would be great. That would basically be the end of his career. Yzerman talked with Holland in Toronto before the Awards and said they will work out a contract that would satisfy both parties. Apparently, he's been on sports radio all week trying to calm everyone down about the situation. Still, I'm nervous about it. I don't want to lose The Captain yet. Rob Parker says The Red Wings shouldn't squabble over a couple of million dollars when it comes to Steve Yzerman. I think he's right, in a way but he over simplifies the situation and doesn't take in to consideration all the facts. Like the fact that the Wings do have a lot less money to work with because of their early exit. Like the fact that The Captain is not worth $8 million any more because of his knee and it would be foolish to pay him that much when he might not be able to play very much. McCarty's agent talked about the negotiations and said they have been constructive and going well. However, he isn't very confident the Wings will reach a deal before July 1. I think Mac will test free agency but he'll be back, I'm sure. Derian Hatcher said he would "definitely be interested in" signing with the Wings, if things didn't work on in Dallas and if things go badly in Detroit with respect to their free agents. The Wings would have to lose Fedorov, most likely, before they'd be able to go after Hatcher. The Stars' captain would be coming home if he signed with the Wings because he's from the Detroit area. Derian Hatcher is sounding like a better idea every time I hear about him possibly coming here. The Wings really could use a hard hitter like him.


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