Friday, June 06, 2003

I don't know how many of you watched the game last night on CBC but there was an interesting After Forty Minutes intermission show: Ron MacLean talked with Gary Bettman. Basically, the interview reinforced my feelings about the NHL's comissioner. The guy is a total moron who thinks he's a genius and that everyone else around him is a moron. He treated MacLean like he was an idiot and not someone who grew up around the sport Bettman, who knows nothing about it himself, governs. His lecture on the red line was classic. I could just about hear Don Cherry in the background. How he held himself in that chair and said nothing, I'll never know. Bettman makes me sick in his undying support for the ownership and management of the NHL's teams. Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the owners and GMs but such support as Bettman gives them is wrong. MacLean asked Gary about the money from the outdoor game going to hockey charities in Canada and all Bettman could think about was how the players "share more than equally with the owners...." He was fairly reasonable about moving the nets and changing goalie pad sizes but I doubt he'll really do anything. Remember, he still thinks the league is fine. He is wrong, very wrong. Also, Coach's Corner was good. Cherry has some solutions for the neutral-zone trap, which he hates. I agree with him. Check it out. It's the June 5 video. (duh!)


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