Monday, June 23, 2003

-- Here is the final list of Wings picks from the draft this weekend (click name for player info): #64 G James Howard #132 D Kyle Quincey #164 C Ryan Oulahen #170 L Andreas Sundin #194 D Stefan Blom #226 L Tomas Kollar #258 L Vladimir Kutny #289 C Mikael Johansson Click here for a quicker overview of each draftee. The Wings didn't get the steal they were looking for but they don't sound too disapointed, even though most of these guys are 4 years away from the league. -- Some good news: Pavel Datsyuk, though he has a huge offer from that Ak Bars Kazan team that he used to play for and Bykov has signed with, wants to stay with the Wings. He did not take the Russian offer and use it as leverage in the contract talks because he respects the Wings very much. That's more than can be said about Bykov, I guess. I still can't believe Bykov probably won't be back. I took it for granted that he would be and now all of a sudden he's turned greedy and the Wings won't pay him. Sad. The Wings are close to a deal with Pavel and we should see him in a Wings jersey next year again. Hopefully it will be a long deal so we don't have to worry about losing him for a while. -- There is an update on Yzerman in the Freep today. His agent said "We've talked about a number of issues and things. I think quite frankly if Steve Yzerman says to them that he expects to get paid what he got paid last year, based on the contribution that he's made to the Detroit Red Wings for the last 20 years, there will be no issue. We are talking. It's not acrimonious at all, it's very pleasant discussions and I'm not expecting to have any problem getting something done." Personally, I can't see them paying Stevie $8 million again, not with his knee the way it is. I guess it wouldn't be too unreasonable, as long as it's just for one year. He has done a lot for the Wings and will do a lot in the future. His agent also said that he doesn't think "July 1 is relevant anyway to Steve. He's not looking to go anyplace else." So we're probably all worrying a little too much about The Captain. -- The Detroit News' Terry Fosters asks what life will be like without Sergei. He says we Wings fans must face up to next season, the first without to be completely without Sergei. He believes Fedorov is gone and I don't disagree with him. All indications are that #91 will be gone next year. Foster sees Sergei coming back only if he doesn't get an offer from another team. I doubt that'll happen. The Rangers will be the first ones on the phone when July 1 comes around. Then the Leafs.


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