Monday, June 02, 2003

Around the League Wayne Gretzky will return and play on November 22 if the game takes place outside in Commonwealth Stadium. The plan is to hold a regular-season game between the Canadiens (I thought it was the Flames....guess not) and the Oilers in Commonwealth Stadium - with the Oilumni vs. Les Ancient Canadiens as a preliminary game. The Great One has said in the past that he won't play in any old-timers games "but this one is special." The NHLPA is dragging their heels about the game, though. Tonight's Game New Jersey @ Anaheim, 8 ET, Devils lead series 2-1 Hopefully the Ducks will take advantage of the little bit of momentum they have and win tonight. I doubt very much Brodeur will make a mistake like that again and Anaheim is really going to have to make a statement tonight because the Devils will be even tougher than they have been.


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