Sunday, May 18, 2003

Wings Update Ted Kulfan of the Detroit News says the Wings have other options if Grigorenko is not able to come to the NHL next year. The Wings have to decide what to do about Igor because they only have until July 15 to sign him or he'll stay in Russia. His recovery is expected to take 3-5 months so it would be a gamble to bring him up if he ends up not being able to play. On the other hand, the Wings were counting heavily on Igor to be on the team and perform like Pavel and Henrik have. Also, besides points, Grigorenko will have something else to bring to the team: I've heard he's a tougher version of Ilya Kovalchuck. Sounds just like what the Wings need, toughness. I don't know how tough Igor is but the Wings need all they can get. The Wings'll need someone to fill any gap Igor leaves. Kulfan doesn't say anything about Jiri Hudler, a Red Wings prospect from the Czech Republic who is supposed to be really awesome, but he mentions a trade. Apparently, instead of Hudler, who the Wings want to give another year to develope, the Wings might try to go after players already in the NHL. Since many teams are looking to unload their larger salaried players, the Wings might be able to get some talent for a smaller price than usual. Hopefully they'll be able to get someone if Grigorenko doesn't recover enough in time because the Wings run the risk of losing Sergei and Mac. This injury to Grigorenko makes the signing of Fedorov and McCarty even more important than before. Playoff Update The Devils are once again one win away from the Finals. They beat the Senators yesterday 5-2. The Senators have dropped 3 straight games, a first for this season and Lalime, who went a record 12 straight playoff games allowing no more than 2 goals, hasn't done so well in this series. Not nearly as well as Brodeur, who would have been the best goalie in the playoffs if it weren't for our friend JS. I'd say it's unlikely the Sens will come back in this series and I'm going to be sorry to see two strictly trap teams in the Stanley Cup Finals in a few days. Game 5 is Monday in Ottawa @ 7 ET.


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