Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Wings Update Ted Kulfan has an article about Darren McCarty in today's DetNews Red Wings Rap. He's doubtful McCarty will be back because the Wings aren't willing to offer him the money and years he wants and would be able to get on the open market. He was reportedly offered 3 years @ $2 million a year by the Wings but probably could get close to $3 million a year for 4 year contract. Kulfan doesn't think McCarty's strong ties to Detroit would be enough to overpower his lust for money. He'll be an unrestricted free agent and the Wings might be unwilling to match offers from other teams. Come on, Mac. Don't do that to us! Tom Markowski has an article on Maltby and some of his thoughts on the yearly exit. A follow up on the Hasek news from yesterday: I doubt we'll see Hasek return now. If he doesn't end up in jail, he probably won't be allowed to leave the country and I can't see many teams wanting a guy who would beat someone with their stick when they get mad.


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