Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Wings Update Ted Kulfan did an interview with Lewis. It's mostly about next year but also mentions some things about this last season. Kulfan also has a short article talking about how Lewis' first year is being praised. John Niyo has an article about the World Championships and the Wings players' roles in it. In the weekly fan quote/answer section, the question was "Who should be the Wings #1 goalie next season - Curtis Joseph, Manny Legace or someone else?" One guy said "Manny Legace. I don't think CuJo played well enough." Everyone else was enough of a hockey fan to recognize that Joseph was not the only one responsible for the meltdown, they picked CuJo. This news has potential to be good news for Wings fans. St. Patrick is 90% sure about his decision, whatever it is. Retire retire retire retire........


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