Saturday, May 31, 2003

Wings Update Red Wings legend Gordie Howe has been hospitalized in a Detroit area hospital. Apparently, he went there himself because he was experiencing chest pains at home. He underwent testing in the cardiac care unit and the Howe family hopes to have the results today. WDIV-TV said Gordie stayed over night and that doctors were concerned because he had an irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure but didn't attribute the information. Howe is 75 years old. Good luck, Mr. Howe. Our prayers are with you. Tonight's Game New Jersey @ Anaheim, 8 ET, Devils lead series 2-0. This game can either be the turning point of the series or the point of no return for the Ducks. If the Ducks win tonight, they might get some momentum going and have a chance to win the series, one game at a time. If they lose, they will have no momentum except downward momentum and the Devils will sweep. Very important game. Hopefully the Anaheim crowd will be very supportive tonight because the Ducks will need every bit of motivation they can get. The Ducks are going to need the luck and discipline they've had in the past three rounds and they will have to work their butts off. GO DUCKS!


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