Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Wings Update Patrick Roy really did retire. It wasn't just a cruel trick being played on us all. While I strongly dislike (read: hate) St. Patrick, it is a sad day for hockey. He is a great goalie and made victories over him that much sweeter and losses to him that much easier to bear because of his greatness. I'm [not] sorry to see you go, Mr. Roy. Hockey won't be the same without you. Neither will the Avs..... (*snicker snicker*) Thank you Roy for your greatest gift to the Wings since the last Statue of Liberty: the Western Conference. Mr. Lacroix, better get on the phone real quick and call the Flyers..... UPDATE 9:15 pm: (thanks for the tip, Lisa. I was too dumb to check myself) The Flyers have traded Chechmanek to the Kings for a second-round choice in the 2004 NHL draft. Now Felix Potvin will be available on July 1. Maybe the Avs can sign him. HA HA. Darren McCarty has been given the NHL Foundation Player Award for his community service. Great job, Mac! Congratulations. The Wings have released their exhibition schedule for next year. Around the League A quote from this article: There has been no movement by the NHL Players' Association to begin negotiations on a new labor contract to replace that which expires in September 2004. Union chief Bob Goodenow already has warned some players the labor impasse could be a long one, perhaps longer than a full season. Goodenow has indicated the union is not willing to accept a hard salary cap that would control salaries. Bettman emphasized again Tuesday that owners need a way to contain salaries that now cost owners 75 percent of their revenue. "We all know the problems," Bettman said. "And I know how to fix them." Soft salary cap, soft salary cap, soft salary cap....... Check this article out. Mr. Cox knows what he's talking about, in this case anyway. I think he's the one who wrote that xenophobic article on Zetterberg a few weeks ago. I think it's time for the league to get a new comissioner. Mr. Bowman? Playoff Update Well, I was totally wrong about a couple things. First, the Devils won. While I didn't think the Ducks would sweep, I didn't think that New Jersey would out score them 3-0. Second, I was wrong that the games would be boring and slow paced. Last night's game, from what I saw, was pretty quick, up-and-down the ice hockey. I guess that 10 day break must have been too long for the Ducks. Well, hopefully the Ducks will get it together tomorrow in New Jersey again @ 8 ET. I really really really do not want the Devils to win another Cup.


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