Friday, May 16, 2003

Wings Update Not a great day for Wings fans. First, Holland has made no progress in signing the major free agents. That is not good news. Second, Red Wings prospect Igor Grigorenko is in serious condition after he crashed his car today. His team's spokesman said "He broke his left leg in two places, above and below the knee, and also suffered a concussion." He also said Igor will be out of action for at least three to four months. The Wings were going to be bringing him up next season, hopefully he can recover well enough to play. If anyone's wondering if Grigorenko was drunk, his spokesman said: "Doctors will have to determine if Grigorenko was drinking before the crash, but I doubt that because as far as I know he doesn't drink." Playoff Update Another reason this day isn't a great one for Wings fans is the Devils won again. I don't know of many Wings fans who want the Devils to win (they swept us in the 95 Finals) and I sure don't. The Senators got lucky that New Jersey's second goal did not count because the refs were too blind to see it go in. Even so, Ottawa couldn't score the 1 goal needed to tie the game and lost 1-0. The Sens worked hard for this game and the only reason they lost is Martin Brodeur. I haven't seen so many tape-to-tape passes since the Wings were on. If the Devils make the Finals (we all know the Ducks will), then it's going to be an amazing goalie duel and some of the most boring hockey ever at the same time. Tonight's Games Minnesota @ Anaheim, 10:30 ET, Ducks lead series 3-0, Wild have not yet scored a goal (I doubt they will......)


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