Thursday, May 22, 2003

Wings Update Igor Grigorenko is making a little progress, the DetNews reported today. His agent said yesterday that his lung was open (since when was it closed? I never heard that....) and he was breathing better. The Free Press isn't so optimistic. They have quotes from David Collon, the Wings team orthopedist, that aren't too encouraging. I hope this all works out. It sounds a lot worse now than it did originally. Playoff Update Oh yeah! The Senators held on again last night and beat the Devils in New Jersey in OT 2-1. That was the first time the Devils have been beaten on their home ice this postseason and only the 2nd time the Sens have won in an elimination game. The Senators looked pretty good last night and hit a couple posts/crossbars in the last few minutes. They almost had a breakaway when Bonk got a pass up the middle but got a PP instead, which they did nothing on. Game 7 is on Friday in Ottawa and the winner will play the Ducks in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals on Tuesday. The Ducks haven't played since last Friday. That's a long time to not play. It seems like teams that get that much time off in the playoffs don't do so well in the next round. We'll see how it goes with the Ducks. I doubt they are going to slow down much, I think JS is a better goalie than that.


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