Sunday, May 04, 2003

Playoff Update The Stars extended their season at least 1 more game yesterday. They beat the Ducks 4-1 in Dallas and saw JS Giguere taken down. The Ducks' goalie was pulled after 2 periods yesterday after allowing 3 goals (on 19 shots). He looked more like the goalie the Stars destroyed in the regular season (7 goals in 2 games). Babcock says he wasn't just benched for the goals but was also benched for the goalie interference going on, he didn't want him to get hurt. I only watched a few minutes of the 1st period (studying for my AP US History exam) but I could see that the Stars were very much outplaying the Ducks. The puck was usually in the Ducks' zone and rarely in the Stars'. This was the first Anaheim game decided by more than one goal in these playoffs. The Ducks only had 15 shots and their only goal was from Kariya. Could this be a sign that the Ducks' run is finally over? It depends on how JS reacts to being pulled and how the Ducks react to being "blown out" like that (compared to their other games.....). The series is 3-2 now. Next game: Monday in Anaheim @ 10:30 EST. The Senators are close to eliminating the Flyers now since they won 5-2 yesterday in Ottawa. The Sens scored 5 straight goals to overcome a deficit and had a great power play. Chechmanek was also pulled for the Flyers but will make the start in Game 6, which is on Monday in Philly @ 7 EST. Tonight's games none tonight, the only upcoming game I haven't mentioned is the Vancouver/Minnesota game in Vancouver @ 10:30 EST on Monday.


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