Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Playoff Update Some pretty shocking games last night: The Minnesota Wild blew out the Canucks last night 7-2 to preserve their season for at least one more game. The series is now 3-2 Vancouver but with a game like last night I have to wonder if it won't go 7 games. How will the Canucks respond? Cloutier gave up 6 goals in two periods. I wonder if he's melting down like he did last year. This outburst from a team like the Wild is impressive. I didn't see any of the game and when I turned on ESPN this morning to check the scores, I thought it was a typo or that I was seeingt things. 7-2??? At home for the Canucks, no less. Next game: Wednesday @ 9 EST in Minnesota. Another shocking game, if only in that it was another huge upset (it's not like most of us didn't expect it or hope for it), was the Ducks/Stars game. The Ducks did it again, eliminating a higher seeded team when they beat the Stars 4-3 in Game 5. Now Wings fans can justify the first round exit of the Wings a little more. Now the top 3 teams in the NHL (in my opinion) are out. The Ducks will play the winner of the Canucks/Wild series in the Conference Finals. The Senators crushed the Flyers last night 5-2 and advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals to play the Devils. Chechmanek looked bad and I wouldn't be surprised if he is not a Flyer next year.


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