Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Playoff Update The Senators kept their season alive last night when they beat the Devils 3-1 in Ottawa. Jason Spezza, who had 21 poinst in 33 games during the regular season, had a goal and an assist in his NHL playoffs debut. Now the series shifts back to New Jersey, where the Devils are 8-0 this postseason. The Senators snapped a 3 game losing streak and a 0-6 run in elimination games for the team history. That can't be too encouraging to Sens fans. The Sens need to hang on for at least 2 more games and given their past record and the team they're playing, that'll be tough. They had a lot of jump last night though and may be able to overpower the Devils if they keep that up and not let the trap slow them down. I hope they do keep it up. I want to see the Senators in the Finals, personally. Next game: Wednesday @ New Jersey, 7 ET.


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