Friday, May 30, 2003

Playoff Update I'm getting sick of this. Not one of the teams I have wanted to win has done well this postseason, with the exception of the Wild in Round 1 and Ducks until now. The Ducks lost again last night, were shut out again last night, and the cursed, trapping, boring Devils won again last night. I hate the Devils. I do not want them to win the Cup. I'd rather have the Avs win it. UGH. JS, it was probably a mistake to go on Leno. You haven't proved anything yet. It's time to prove something now. The Ducks are going to need to win this series one game at a time, if they are going to win it at all. It's going to be very tough and probably won't happen but I think the Ducks at least owe their fans a win tomorrow in Game 3. They really shouldn't let the Devils dominate them so much. They've beaten better teams already this postseason and just have to do what they've done the last 3 rounds. Come on Ducks, get it together!


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