Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Playoff Update I'm getting really sick of this. Someone has to beat those Ducks. Giguere is on too much of a hot streak. Click here to see some people's opinion on why he's been so hot....his pads. I don't think it's his pads, he just has great positioning and he probably has the best goalie-support of anyone in the NHL. He hardly ever has to face a rebound. His defense is always there to get the puck after the initial shot. Also, check out John Niyo's question and answer session with himself in today's DetNews (It's about Giguere). It's about time for a humiliation, something he hasn't gotten all playoffs. Come on Wild, don't let him shut you out again. Get him out of your heads! Sheeesh. Anyway, the Wild got shut out (again!) 2-0 last night thanks to their newly bad power play. They gave up 2 shorthanded goals, one on an unfortunate breakaway (and an extremely lucky one for the Ducks, it's amazing how sticks just break). The guy who scored the first goal, Kurt Sauer, had one goal in the regular season and now has one in the playoffs. I mention this only because Gary Thorne and Co. couldn't stop talking about him. It was like this guy Sauer was suddenly the NHL's greatest breakout player ever, the feel-good story of the playoffs or something. I thought they only talked like that about Peter Forsberg, their hero. They also can't shut up about Rucchin..... The stupid Ducks have won their first two games in each series this year and are now 6-1 on the road. The Wild aren't far behind, they're 6-2 away from home this playoff season. Hopefully, now that they'll be going to Anaheim, they'll dominate again and actually win this time. Hopefully friend JS won't pull a "goalie hat trick" and get his 3rd shutout in a row, like Johnson and Lalime did last year. The Wild will have their chance to begin a comeback on Wednesday in Anaheim @ 9 ET. Tonight's Games New Jersey @ Ottawa, 8 ET, Sens lead series 1-0


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